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Emanuel Steward
Class of 1996
Non-Participant Category
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World Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee

Name: Emanuel Steward
Born: 1944-07-07
Birthplace: Bottom Creek, West Virginia, USA
Died: 2012-10-25 (Age:68)
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan, USA
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Emanuel Steward (07.07.1944 – 25.10.2012) won the National Golden Gloves Bantamweight Championship in 1963. He had an amateur record of 94-3.

After winning the Golden Gloves, Steward quit boxing and took a job as an electrician at Detroit Edison.

Steward got back into boxing when he started training his 15-year-old half-brother James at the Kronk Recreation Center.

Steward accepted a part-time position as the head boxing coach at Kronk, and the team won seven titles at the 1971 Detroit Golden Gloves. The following year, he quit his job and became a full-time boxing trainer.

By the mid-1970s, Steward had built Kronk into a national power in amateur boxing.

Steward's first professional world champion was Hilmer Kenty, who won the WBA Lightweight Championship from Ernesto Espana in March 1980.

Steward also works for HBO as a boxing analyst. He has also perform boxing trainer bit roles in movies ("The Fighter" (2010) and "Ocean's Eleven" (2001)) and television shows.

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