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[[Image:Rocky.jpg|thumb|Esteban Camou VS Luis Ramon Campas]]
[[Image:rocky2.jpg|left|frame|Esteban Camou VS Ernesto Zamora<br><small>Photo: KeOndas.com</small>]]<boxer>317232</boxer>
'''Trainer''': [[Manuel Montiel Sr.]]<br>
'''Manager''':  Manuel Montiel Sr.<br><br><br><br><br><br>

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Esteban Camou VS Ernesto Zamora
Photo: KeOndas.com
Name: Esteban Camou
Alias: Rocky
Birth Name: Esteban Camou Palomares
Born: 1976-03-18
Birthplace: Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico
Hometown: Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 10″   /   178cm
Reach: 71″   /   180cm
Boxing Record: click

Trainer: Manuel Montiel Sr.
Manager: Manuel Montiel Sr.