Evander Holyfield vs. Bert Cooper

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Total Punches Holyfield Cooper
Landed 188 104
Thrown 381 274
Pct. 49% 38%

1991-11-23 : Evander Holyfield 210 lbs beat Bert Cooper 215 lbs by TKO at 2:58 in round 7 of 12


  • Holyfield earned $6 million for the fight. He was originally scheduled for a $30 million payday to fight top-ranked Mike Tyson who withdrew because of a rib injury. The original replacement was Francesco Damiani who was also injured in training. Thus, Cooper was a short-notice replacement's replacement. Cooper earned $750,000 for the fight.
  • The fight was not recognized by the World Boxing Council as a title fight due to Cooper not being in their rankings. He did, however, come in ranked #12 by the International Boxing Federation.
  • Cooper down from a left hook to the body at 1:15 into Round 1.
  • Cooper warned in Round 1 for a low blow.
  • Holyfield hurt by a counter right hook in Round 3 and down from an accumulation of punches. On the way down, he grabbed the top rope to stay off the canvas but it was ruled a knockdown; the first of Evander's career. He took an 8 count.
  • Cooper hurt by a big uppercut in Round 3 after Holyfield was able to regain himself.
  • Cooper hurt in Round 5 from several big combinations from Holyfield. It appeared for a moment that Cooper might turn his back to his opponent.
  • Action paused in Round 5 as Holyfield's right glove split open. Both fighters got a pretty lengthy break as the glove had to be replaced.
  • Cooper developed a cut above his right eye and was bleeding from the mouth in Round 5.
  • Cooper and his corner complained to Mills Lane between the 6th and 7th Rounds that Holyfield had an "ointment" on his gloves that was burning Cooper's eyes. Cooper did, however, enter Round 6 with a substantial amount of grease on his cut and now swollen right eye.
  • Cooper warned in Round 7 for extending an elbow.
  • Referee Mills Lane stopped the fight in Round 7 as Cooper was taking big combinations and failing to mount any offense.
  • Holyfield scored a total of 43 right uppercuts to the chin, in rounds three and five through seven.


  • The fight was won by Evander's right uppercut. Cooper was never able to defend against it. He did, however, put up a gutsy performance. As commentator Dick Landis said, "It's just incredible how Bert Cooper withstood that (barrage) and didn't go down, but Mills Lane did the wise thing..."