David Tua vs. Cisse Salif

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2005-10-21 : David Tua 245 lbs beat Cisse Salif 263 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

In a televised cable bout, David Tua and Cisse Salif fought a close bout mostly on the inside. Tua came forward landing combinations, while Salif counterpunched backing up, using his size to lean on Tua alot and counterscored with effective head and body work. Salif took a punch extraordinarily well, forcing Tua to fight on technical skill rather than power. Going into the tenth round, the bout was up for grabs. Tua clearly won the tenth and the bout by landing numerous power left hooks to Salif's head in the final round that had Salif in big trouble and hanging on just to survive by round's conclusion. This bout can be seen in segments on Youtube. Both fighters appeared in top form excellent condition.