Henry Jeffra vs. Sixto Escobar (4th meeting)

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1938-02-20 : Sixto Escobar 117¾ lbs beat Harry Jeffra 117¾ lbs by UD in round 15 of 15

  • Location: Escambron Baseball Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Said to be for the Bantamweight World Title (presumably the NBA and/or NYSAC version).
  • Jeffra knocked down three times, twice in the eleventh and once in the 14th, all for nine-counts.
  • Attendance: 12,000.
  • February 20 is the correct date of this fight according to El Mundo, San Juan, although what purports to be a surviving ticket to this event says it was scheduled for Feb. 19.
  • Photo #2