Luis Collazo vs. Ricky Hatton

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Compubox punchstats
Total Punches Hatton Collazo
Landed 259 213
Thrown 741 712
Pct. 30% 30%
Power Punches Hatton Collazo
Landed 254 167
Thrown 695 471
Pct. 37% 35%
Jabs Hatton Collazo
Landed 5 46
Thrown 46 241
Pct. 11% 19%

2006-05-13 : Ricky Hatton 147 lbs beat Luis Collazo 147 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


- A memorial ten-count was tolled in tribute to former World Champion Floyd Patterson, who had died two days earlier.
- Hatton scored a flash knockdown at 0:10 in the first round, with a left hook, and Collazo took the mandatory eight-count.
- An accidental headbutt in the third round opened a cut above Collazo's forehead.
- Hatton slipped to the floor early in the final round.
- Hatton was wobbled in the twelfth round.
- Many fans questioned the decision, and thought Collazo won the fight.
- It ranks in the top 10 for activity for welterweights. Hatton had a 53% to 47% edge of the total.