Evander Holyfield vs. Bobby Czyz

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1996-05-10 : Evander Holyfield 211 lbs beat Bobby Czyz 211 lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 5 of 10


  • Attendance: 17,041.
  • Czyz standing 8-count in the 3rd.
  • Czyz quits on stool after the 5th. He complained of a foreign substance in his eyes. He claimed someone in Holyfield's corner had put a substance on his opponent's gloves to cause burning in his eyes. Czyz complained to his corner when the fifth round ended that "my eyes are burning and I can't see." Dr. Rufus Sadler examined him and verified a vision problem. Referee Ron Lipton halted the bout, declaring Holyfield the winner by a technical knockout after the fifth round -- and then went to Holyfield's corner, took the gloves and rubbed them on his face. Nothing came off the gloves, he told Czyz.
  • After 4 rounds, HBO's Harold Lederman's unofficial scorecard had Holyfield up 40-35. [1]
  • According to Compubox, Holyfield landed 169 of 322 punches (53 percent), and Czyz connected on 112 of 317 (35 percent). [2]

Post-Fight Quotes

  • "Somebody put something on his gloves," Bobby Czyz charged.
  • "I didn't have nothing on my glove to put on his eyes. But they're his eyes, and whatever happened, happened," countered Evander Holyfield.
  • Holyfield's trainer, Don Turner, added that he used "Vaseline, that's all. Why would I do something like that?"