Evander Holyfield vs. Bobby Czyz

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1996-05-10 : Evander Holyfield 211 lbs beat Bobby Czyz 211 lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 5 of 10

From the New York Times, May 11, 1996:

Evander Holyfield continued his search for his second childhood and third championship last night at Madison Square Garden, despite career earnings of more than $100 million.

He stopped a game but terribly overmatched Bobby Czyz before the sixth round started on an evening of successful comeback attempts by three former heavyweight champions.

Czyz claimed someone in Holyfield's corner had put a substance on his opponent's gloves to cause burning in his eyes. Czyz complained to his corner when the fifth round ended that "my eyes are burning and I can't see." Dr. Rufus Sadler examined him and verified a vision problem.

Referee Ron Lipton halted the bout, declaring Holyfield the winner by a technical knockout after the fifth round -- and then went to Holyfield's corner, took the gloves and rubbed them on his face. Nothing came off the gloves, he told Czyz.

For the 34-year-old Holyfield, it was another comeback step, just as it was for the two other former heavyweight champions -- Lennox Lewis and Tim Witherspoon -- on the card that attracted a crowd of 17,041.

Czyz, who was shut out on one judge's scorecard and captured only one round on each of the other two, also contended he never should have been given a standing eight-count when he was pummeled in the third round.

"Somebody put something on his gloves," Czyz charged.

"I didn't have nothing on my glove to put on his eyes. But they're his eyes, and whatever happened, happened," countered Holyfield.

Holyfield's trainer, Don Turner, added that he used "Vaseline, that's all. Why would I do something like that?"

Holyfield's victory swelled his record to 32-3, with 23 knockouts. The 34-year-old Czyz, a former cruiserweight title-holder who was attempting to fight at the highest artistic and weight level of his career, fell to 44-7. [1]