Takashi Koshimoto vs. Rodolfo Lopez

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2006-07-30 : Rodolfo Lopez 126 lbs beat Takashi Koshimoto 126 lbs by TKO at 2:49 in round 7 of 12

  • World Boxing Council Featherweight Title (Koshimoto's 1st defense)
  • Time: 2:49
  • Weights: 126 lbs (each)


  • Koshimoto lost the title in his first defense when the Mexican challenger landed a flurry of punches in the seventh round, forcing Lewis to stop the bout.
  • As Lewis stepped in to wave the fight off, Koshimoto fell forward into Lewis's arms, and then sank to his knees. Medical personnel quickly moved into the ring, placed Koshimoto on a stretcher and carried him out of the arena.
  • Koshimoto announced his retirement from boxing soon after the fight.