Hogan (Kid) Bassey vs. Davey Moore (1st meeting)

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Bassey (left) & Moore

1959-03-18 : Davey Moore 125½ lbs beat Hogan Kid Bassey 125 lbs by RTD in round 13 of 15

World Featherweight Title

In the early rounds of their title fight it looked like Featherweight Champion Bassey would have an easy time with challenger Moore. After an even first round Bassey stung and hurt Moore in the second and third rounds.

There was little to choose between both fighters in the fourth and fifth rounds. Then Moore took command of the fight, starting with the sixth round. He landed a flurry of lefts and rights to the head and body that appeared to have Bassey on the verge of a knockout. His sharp-shooting tactics, ripping body punches, and effective counter-punching completely outclassed Bassey in every aspect during the last seven rounds of the fight.

Moore had Bassey bleeding above both eyes and continued to pile up points. Bassey, to his credit, never gave up and tried in vain to land his vaunted power punches. But Moore’s sharp punches to the head and ripping body punches were too much for the champion.

After the thirteenth round, with Bassey well behind on points and nasty cuts above both eyes, his manager George Biddles refused to send him out for the fourteenth round. Under California rules Davey Moore was declared champion by thirteenth round knockout. At the time of the stoppage Davey was ahead on points. Referee Tommy Hart and Judge Mushy Callahan scored it 126-119, while Judge George Latka had it 125-121 for Moore. Most newspapers had Moore well ahead.