Nikolay Valuev vs. Jameel McCline

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2007-01-20 : Nikolay Valuev 322¼ lbs beat Jameel McCline 268¼ lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 3 of 12

  • World Boxing Association Heavyweight Title (3rd defense by Valuev)
  • Time: 2:55
  • Weights: Valuev 322.25 lbs / 146.2 kg, McCline 268.25 lbs / 121,7 kg


- First heavyweight title fight in Switzerland.
- With a combined weight of 590.6 lbs, this is also the heaviest fight for a title belt to date.
- McCline suffered an injury to his kneecap at the end of the third round and was unable to continue the fight.
- After two rounds Valuev was leading 20-18 on two scorecards, while the third card had the fight even at 19-19.

Preceded by:
Valuev vs. Barrett
WBA Heavyweight Title Fight
# 85
Succeeded by:
Valuev vs. Chagaev