Ricky Hatton vs. Jose Luis Castillo

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CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Hatton Castillo
Landed 81 58
Thrown 220 192
Pct. 37% 30%
Jabs Hatton Castillo
Landed 5 11
Thrown 19 41
Pct. 26% 27%
Power Punches Hatton Castillo
Landed 76 47
Thrown 201 151
Pct. 38% 31%

2007-06-23 : Ricky Hatton 140 lbs beat Jose Luis Castillo 140 lbs by KO at 2:16 in round 4 of 12

Bout Summary

Hattoncastillo poster.jpg

Referee Joe Cortez paused the action at 1:22 into round one to warn both fighters for excessive clinching. Castillo was bleeding from the nose after round one. Hatton's left-eye was swollen after round three. Castillo was warned twice in round three for low blows. Cortez took a point from Castillo for a low blow during the fourth round. At 2:16 into round four, Castillo was hurt badly by a left hook to the body. He turned his back to Hatton and took a knee. The referee reached the count of ten.


  • Hatton entered the ring as a 2-to-1 betting favorite.
  • Hatton defended his Ring Magazine jr. welterweight title.
  • This was the first time in Castillo's career that he was knocked down.
  • Hatton dedicated his performance to the late Diego Corrales and widow Michelle, whom he hugged in the ring after the fight.
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  • HBO announcer Jim Lampley referred to the punch that dropped Castillo as "...the perfect liver shot."
  • "There was more action in those four rounds than in Floyd Mayweather's last half dozen fights." - Ricky Hatton
  • HBO boxing analyst Max Kellerman said of the fight, "It seems unfair to take a little credit away (from Hatton) but here it goes. Castillo did look like a shot fighter tonight, like he was showing up just kind of to see what this young guy had and when he saw what he had, he thought "It's too much for me." and packed it in on a body shot". This body shot was revealed to have broken four of Castillo's ribs.