Hugo Fidel Cazares vs. Ivan Calderon (1st meeting)

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2007-08-25 : Hugo Fidel Cazares 107¾ lbs lost to Ivan Calderon 107 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

The Fight

Cazares landed nothing cleanly in the first two rounds, while Calderon outboxed him from the outside, constantly moving around the ring. In round 3, Cazares became aggressive enough to probably take the round, but Calderon got back into his groove for rounds 4-6. However, in round 7, Cazares become even more aggressive, and in round 8, this aggression paid off, as Calderon was knocked down, and badly hurt for the entire round. Cazares's power and aggression also won him the 9th, and most likely the 10th round. Although, in the 10th, Calderon began to resume applying his boxing ability to counteract Cazares' aggression. Cazares began to tire slightly in rounds 11 and 12, while giving way to Calderon's superior technical skills.

When Calderon became stationary, Cazares was able to hurt Calderon with power punches. However, when Calderon was moving, Cazares's attempts at power punching were met with nothing but air as his wild attempts seemed amateurish when countered by Calderon's defensive ability. In the end, Calderon's superior movement and technical skills won him the bout.


  • Calderon wins the Ring Magazine Jr. Flyweight world title.
  • This was Ivan Calderon's first bout at Light Flyweight.
  • The contract stated that neither boxer could weigh over 118 pounds on the morning of the bout.
  • Hugo Fidel Cazares was rumored to have weighed 131 pounds in the ring. An increase of over 23 pounds from the prior day's weigh-in.[1]