Erbito Salavarria vs. Betulio Gonzalez

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1971-11-20 : Erbito Salavarria 112 lbs drew with Betulio Gonzalez 112 lbs by SD in round 15 of 15

The Venezuelan judge scores for Gonzalez, Filipino judge for Salavarria. Neutral referee and scoring judge Mills Lane scores the bout even. Immediately after the fight, the Zulia State Commission announced that Gonzalez should be named champion because Salavarria had used an illegal substance. The Zulia Commission confiscated a bottle from Salavarria's corner and forwarded it to the WBC. On December 29, 1971, the WBC stripped Salavarria of the title citing use of a stimulant in his "sugar water" by Salavarria. Gonzalez declined the title.

  • Referee Mills Lane claimed that he did not score the fight a draw, but had actually scored the fight for Salavarria by one point and disputed claims that he had raised Gonzalez' hand in victory.

Post fight comment

  • "In my estimation Salavarria won. I wrote down in the winner's column, 'Winner, Salavarria.' They announced my card in Spanish and I didn't understand the language but know who I voted for. I gritted my teeth and raised Salavarria's arm. They started to spit on me. They poured beer on me. Then a guy whapped me in the face. If I had left the ring then, I don't think I could've gotten out. I'm never going back to Venezuela as long as I live." -Referee Mills Lane