Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Sam Girard

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1998-02-28 : Floyd Mayweather Jr 130 lbs beat Sam Girard 132 lbs by KO at 2:47 in round 2 of 10

  • Location: Ballys Park Place Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
  • Referee: Earl Morton

Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Sam Girard

  • In a brief bout which can be found on YouTube, the first round was mostly an even defensive gem, with Floyd mostly moving forward, and Girard mostly blocking incoming jabs with some counter attempts. Floyd scored a flash knockdown of Girard near the end of the first at 2:58, with a counter blow by Floyd dropping Girard for a two count. Girard finished the first round with a small mouse under the left eye.
  • Floyd warned for a low blow early in round two
  • Girard wobbled Mayweather with his best shot, an overhand right with Floyd along the ropes, then began working to the body as Floyd tried to hold with a minute left in the round
  • Girard tried to slug it out with Floyd on the inside standing in front of him going toe-to-toe, and got knocked down by a short right to the head thrown by Floyd at 2:12 of the second.
  • Floyd then walked Girard down, acking him out and knocking him out with a straight right at 2:45 of the second
  • Girard lost a ten round decision to Paul Spadafora in his next bout, then lost a six round decision to Lemuel Nelson and retired in 1998. The noteworthy statistic is Mayweather and Spadafora had a combined record of of 35-0 when Girard fought them in 1998. 15 years later, Mayweather and Spadafora had a combined record of 92-0-1, making Girard's losses to them credible.
  • Floyd Mayweather versus Sam Girard on YouTube, commentary in Spanish [[1]]