Humberto Soto vs. Francisco Lorenzo

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CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Soto Lorenzo
Landed 78 41
Thrown 258 191
Pct. 30% 21%

2008-06-28 : Humberto Soto 130 lbs lost to Francisco Lorenzo 130 lbs by DQ at 2:43 in round 4 of 12


Humberto Soto vs. Francisco Lorenzo.jpg
  • Was originally for Interim WBC Super Featherweight Title. The WBC chose not to award Lorenzo the title due to the controversial ending of the fight.


In round four, Soto dropped Lorenzo twice, however after the second knockdown, Soto clipped Lorenzo after he took a knee. With blood streaming from his face, Lorenzo remained on the deck. The referee spent several minutes consulting with other officials before deciding to disqualify Soto.