Vernon Forrest vs. Sergio Mora (1st meeting)

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2008-06-07 : Vernon Forrest 153¾ lbs lost to Sergio Mora 154 lbs by MD in round 12 of 12


Mora's ability to slither smoothly around the ring had Forrest often landing no more than one punch at a time. When Forrest was able to land a hard blow, Mora moved in and tied up on the inside to smother Forrest's power. In round six, Mora stunned Forrest with a right hand. The ninth round featured some crowd pleasing action as both fighters traded punches in the corner. As the fight wore on, Forrest's stamina seemed to be dwindling as his punches seemed to have lost their pop. Forrest was still able to land some effective blows, but the fireworks of the fight came in the final seconds of the bout. Both fighters stood toe-to-toe and exchanged punches until the final bell.