Joachim Alcine vs. Daniel Santos

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2008-07-11 : Joachim Alcine 153 lbs lost to Daniel Santos 153 lbs by KO at 2:06 in round 6 of 12

Bout Summary

After the third round in which Alcine landed the most significant punch of the fight to that point, Santos came back and dominated the fourth round, the only round that all three judges were in agreement that he won. Three successive left hands helped turn the tide and drove Alcine into the ropes. Alcine was able to turn things around in the fifth round getting back to his jab and landing some right hands behind the jabs. In the sixth round Alcine pressed the action and began pursuing Santos into the corner. A straight right hand from Santos set up the telling blow that finished things in a hurry, a left hand that put Alcine on his backside, where he tried but could not get up.