Roberto Garcia vs. Diego Corrales

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1999-10-23 : Roberto Garcia 129 lbs lost to Diego Corrales 129½ lbs by TKO at 0:48 in round 7 of 12


- Both fighters traded punches and exchanged clean blows.
- Garcia tended to have control when he was busier, while Corrales had moments when Garcia stood still for too long.
- Garcia was cut over the right eye in round 3, caused by an unintentional headbutt, as determined by referee Joe Cortez.
- Garcia was hurt by a hook in round 6, took a series of punches, and eventually went down.
- Garcia went down a second time in round 6 from two right hands.
- Garcia was dropped by a big right hand in round 7, and the fight was immediately stopped by referee Joe Cortez.