Nate Campbell vs. Ali Funeka

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Jabs Campbell Funeka
Landed 53 84
Thrown 238 457
Percent 22% 18%
Power Punches Campbell Funeka
Landed 197 143
Thrown 398 481
Percent 49% 30%
Total Punches Campbell Funeka
Landed 250 227
Thrown 636 938
Percent 39% 24%

2009-02-14 : Nate Campbell 137½ lbs beat Ali Funeka 133½ lbs by MD in round 12 of 12


Campbell pushed Funeka back in the first by coming forward at all times. Campbell came out in the second throwing big punches and hurt Funeka with a right hand to the temple and a few moments later Campbell caught him with a combination that sent him down on his back. Funeka barely made it up and out of the round as he held to the bell. The two would exchange some punches to the body but Funeka appeared to have cleared his head and landed punches from several angles. There was more heated action in the fourth round, both fighters gave as good as they took. Funeka continued to rise his level of activity in the fight, staying away by sticking and moving and outworking Campbell in the fight. In the sixth round, Campbell came out strong in the first minute but Funeka kept up the much higher level of activity with a non-stop workrate of punches being thrown and many of them landing.

The seventh was closer, as Campbell tried to apply himself more and Funeka continued to work hard. The eight round was more of the same. Campbell was throwing the harder punches, as Funeka was working at a harder pace. In the ninth round, Campbell appeared to look tired as Funeka continued to come on and throw punches in bunches. The tenth saw Campbell stay close to Funeka and work on the inside to make Funeka slow down and Campbell came out with some winging shots to the body in the eleventh. In the final minute of the eleventh, Campbell caught Funeka with another right hand to the temple that sent Funeka down and once again he barely made it out of the round as Campbell tried to finish him off. Campbell came out with a fury in the twelfth, pressing on Funeka and throwing a lot of body shots. Funeka would answer back in the final minute with some hard punches.


  • Campbell was stripped of his WBA, IBF and WBO belts as he failed to make weight for the fight. Funeka did, however, allow the fight to proceed and did not request any additional purse from Campbell, who announced after the weigh-in that this would be his last fight in the lightweight division.
  • Harold Lederman scored the bout 113-113.
  • HBO's announce team was Bob Papa, Max Kellerman and Lennox Lewis.