Andre Berto vs. Luis Collazo

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CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Berto Collazo
Landed 266 222
Thrown 682 812
Pct. 39% 27%

2009-01-17 : Andre Berto 145¾ lbs beat Luis Collazo 145¾ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


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In the first round, Collazo rocked Berto with a hard left hand that sent him stumbling back into the ropes. In the final minute of the round, Berto used a combination to stun Collazo and worked him over against the ropes. Both fighters held on to get out of trouble. Berto used his faster hands to catch Collazo with some stiff power shots in the second round. In the third round, Collazo came right back by out-punching and out-hustling as the two of them battled back and forth at close range for the majority of the round. In the fourth round, the referee took a point from Berto for excessive holding. Collazo picked his punches in the fourth and did the same in the fifth round. Berto was landing the harder and more telling blows. In the sixth round, Berto stunned Collazo near the end with some hard combinations. Berto's left eye was swelling bad in the seventh round and Collazo sustained a cut above his own left eye. Collazo seemed tired in the round as Berto took advantage. Berto put on a clinic in the eight round, pounding Collazo with power shots to the body to slow him down. Then Berto used shots to the head to score points. Collazo rallied in the ninth round by throwing almost a hundred punches. Collazo came back in the tenth round with over 100 more punches as both fighters looked very tired. Berto came out with some desperation on his face in the eleventh, taking the fight to a tired Collazo. Berto continued his rally by battering a very tired Collazo in the twelfth and final round.