Breidis Prescott vs. Humberto Toledo

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2009-02-20 : Breidis Prescott 135¾ lbs beat Humberto Toledo 136½ lbs by DQ at 1:59 in round 10 of 10


  • Toledo warned in Round 1 for holding behind the head while hitting.
  • Prescott developed a small cut, from a clash of heads, on the inside of his left eye in Round 1.
  • Toledo warned again in Round 2 for holding behind the head while hitting.
  • Prescott developed a cut, that was bleeding noticeably by the end of Round 4, over his right eye again from a clash of heads.
  • Prescott warned in Round 4 for a low blow.
  • Prescott complained throughout the fight to referee Telis Assimenios about Toledo leading with the head.
  • Toledo ruled down @ 3:35 of Round 7 when a clipping left hand caused him to fall into and grab onto the ropes.
  • Through 7 Rounds, ESPN boxing analyst and former trainer Teddy Atlas had the bout scored 70-62 for Prescott. [1]
  • Prescott warned in Round 8 for holding.
  • Toledo deducted 1 point in Round 8 for holding behind the head while hitting.
  • After a clinch, in which Prescott was walking Toledo back into the ropes, Prescott began pointing to his neck and calling for the attention of the referee. After viewing what turned out to be an obvious bite mark, Assimenios waved an end to the bout and Toledo was disqualified in Round 10.
  • Toledo was subsequently suspended by the Florida State Athletic Commission for six months.