Doudou Ngumbu vs. Charles Chisamba

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2009-07-10 : Doudou Ngumbu 174 lbs beat Charles Chisamba 171½ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


Doudou Ngumbu made a successful defence of his WBC International light heavyweight title in Auch (France, Midi-Pyréneés) 2009, July 10 against ABU champion Charles Chisamba (Zambia / WBC #34).


  • Promoters of both boxers Mr Jerôme Rey and Mr Chris Malunga and the local Commission accepted the open scoring to be announced after the end of 4 and 8 rounds
  • In round 5 referee deducted one point from Chisamba after the Zambian boxer expelled his mouthpiece three times during that session
  • Judge John Shipanuka (Zambia) replaced previously appointed Roger Tilleman from Belgium who could not show up
  • With this win, Doudou Ngumbu retained his WBC International title and won the ABU belt from Chisamba.
  • Promoter Jerome Rey is already planning a fight against WBC top rated contender Dawid Kostecki, which could happen in France at the end of 2009

Open Scoring after 4

Ngumbu is mentioned first

Fabian Guggenheim - 40:36

Robin Dolpierre - 40:36

John Shipanuka - 40:36

Open Scoring after 8

Ngumbu is mentioned first

Fabian Guggenheim - 80:71

Robin Dolpierre - 80:71

John Shipanuka - 80:71