Timothy Bradley vs. Nate Campbell

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2009-08-01 : Timothy Bradley Jr 139 lbs fought without result Nate Campbell 138½ lbs by NC at 3:00 in round 3 of 12


Bout Summary

Bradley rode the energy of his hometown crowd in a dynamic three-round performance, although television replays showed conclusively an accidental headbutt opening a cut over Campbell's left eye early in the third. Campbell vehemently argued his cut was caused by Bradley's head, which would have made the bout a no-contest. Referee David Mendoza disagreed and upon the doctor's stoppage awarded a TKO to Bradley, who made his first defense of the light welterweight belt he claimed from Kendall Holt in April.[1] On August 24th, however, it was announced that the CSAC had overruled the referee's decision and determined the bout a no contest.


  • "I was just doing my job. (The injury) didn't matter anyway. He was getting older and older through the fight. I was beating him easily." - Timothy Bradley
  • "They were both butting each other all night. The last one was a headbutt, but the blood came after the punch, not from the headbutt. That's what I saw last: The punch, then the blood." - Referee David Mendoza
  • "A cut like this comes from a headbutt. That was no punch. The California commission is wrong. This is just wrong. You can see it on television. How can they deem it a TKO? All they have to do is watch and see that it was a headbutt. This is not right." - Nate Campbell