Chris Arreola vs. Brian Minto

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2009-12-05 : Chris Arreola 263 lbs beat Brian Minto 218 lbs by TKO at 2:40 in round 4 of 10


  • Chris Arreola 27-1 (24 KOs) vs. Brian Minto 34-2 (21 KOs)
  • Fight was on the undercard of Paul Williams vs. Sergio Gabriel Martinez (1st meeting).
  • Arreola was coming off the first loss of his professional career; a 10th Round corner retirement to WBC Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko.
  • At 263 lbs., Arreola was fighting at the heaviest weight of his professional career to date and was twelve pounds heavier than in his previous bout just over two months prior.
  • It was the first knockout loss of Minto's professional career.
  • Through three rounds, HBO's Harold Lederman had the bout 30-27 in favor of Arreola.

Bout Summary

Compubox Punchstats
Total Punches Arreola Minto
Landed 98 63
Thrown 208 172
Pct. 47% 37%
Power Punches Arreola Minto
Landed 67 45
Thrown 118 97
Pct. 57% 46%

Arreola controlled the action in the opening round working with patience and behind a jab. He caught Minto a few times with solid right hands. Minto worked with double jabs and looked to land overhand rights of his own. Minto had some success in the first half of Round 2 landing some good counter right hands inside of Arreola's attack. Arreola closed the round strongly landing heavy shots. By the end of Round 2, Minto had significant swelling and bruising under his left eye and a nick above his right eyebrow. Arreola continued to land power punches in Round 3 against Minto, who to his credit stood in there, took some punches, and landed a few of his own. By the end of Round 3, a small cut had opened on Arreola's nose. An overhand right from Arreola as the two men exchanged sent Minto down on his stomach at 1:08 of Round 4. He quickly got to his knees and made it to his feet at the count of seven. Minto showed heart exchanging with Arreola as action continued, but took more than he delivered. Minto went down from a slip at 1:58 of the round as the two were tangled against the ropes. He attempted to come forward and throw but was caught with several clean shots from Arreola. With Minto hurt and bent over against the ropes, Arreola landed a left hook, right hook combination that put Minto down at 2:32. Minto staggered to his feet at nine with blood now on his left eye, but was in no condition to continue and the referee waved an end to the bout.


  • "Brian Minto is trying like heck, but Chris Arreola is just too big and hitting him too hard. Arreola just does more damage. When you look at these rounds, you have to say to yourself "Who did more damage in that round?" You have to go with Arreola" - Harold Lederman at the start of Round 4.
  • "It was a great fight man. I've got to take my hat off to Brian Minto man. He's a tough mother f*cker. He came here to win man. He came here to knock my block off. A couple times he got me against the ropes, but I was aware enough to get out the way. I was trying to pick my punches, cause I seen those wild right hands coming and a couple times he caught me with those. I hurt my hand on his head. I hope I sent a good message that I'm still a man to be reckoned with and that you know regardless of my previous loss, I'm still a top ten heavyweight in the world, if not top five. I want to apologize to all the people out there that were on my back, you know that support me and the ones that hate me. I gave them more reason to hate me. I came in here at 263, but regardless I came here ready to fight. You can't measure that. You can't measure the sparring you're doing and the gym work. You can't measure that. My biggest problem is that when it comes nine o'clock at night, I get hungry man." Chris Arreola in the post-fight interview with Max Kellerman.