Andrzej Fonfara vs. Glen Johnson

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2012-07-13 : Glen Johnson 173¾ lbs lost to Andrzej Fonfara 173¾ lbs by UD in round 10 of 10


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Twenty-four-year-old Andrzej Fonfara and forty-three-year-old Glen Johnson each looked his age and the Polish-born Chicagoan Fonfara scored the biggest win of his professional career to date in front of his hometown crowd by outpointing the former-world champion in the main event of the nationally-televised ESPN Friday Night Fights.

Johnson, who announced his retirement following the loss, had some success early landing with power shots and jabs when in range, but Fonfara had too much stamina and too much speed and worked over a fading Johnson for the final four rounds. Fonfara connected well from a distance with jabs, followed by right hands and only allowed Johnson a chance when he chose to fight in close.

Johnson had his strongest round in the second when he caught Fonfara with a few heavy shots to the head. Fonfara swung the momentum in the third and wobbled Johnson with a looping right hand.

By the seventh, Johnson was breathing heavily and badly faded from the eighth round on. He lumbered forward, remained covered, and occasionally threw a jab or one-two combination as Fonfara moved in and out with jabs and right hands.

The victory pushed Fonfara's win-streak to twelve following his 2008 knockout loss to Derrick Findley (11-2). It was Johnson's third consecutive loss and fifth in his last seven fights.


  • Andrzej Fonfara 21-2 (12 KOs) vs. Glen Johnson 51-16-2 (35 KOs)
  • Johnson was ranked as the #7 super middleweight contender according to The Ring Magazine. Fonfara was unranked by the same publication, but was ranked as the #9 light heavyweight contender by the WBO.
  • Johnson entered with a record of 2-4 in his previous six bouts, with three losses in world title matches.
  • At age 43, Johnson was nineteen years older that Fonfara.
  • Ticket prices for the event ranged from $31 to $151.
  • It was the first time Fonfara had been beyond seven rounds.
  • ESPN's Teddy Atlas scored the bout 97-93 in favor of Fonfara.
  • Glen Johnson announced his retirement in a post-fight interview with Atlas and Joe Tessitore.


  • "If I can’t beat someone like this, who hasn’t fought anyone of my caliber of competition, then there is no reason to keep doing it anymore. But I don’t see myself losing this type of fight. I respect that he is a strong fighter but I am not going to let him build his name off of me." - Glen Johnson
  • "I’m still a relatively young 24-year-old in this business but I don’t have time and patience to fight nobodys. This is why I had no problem with accepting Glen’s challenge. What’s the point of fighting if you don’t believe in your skills? We all know that the Johnson fight could be decided depending on how good my jab will be, how strong and powerful my right hand has to be. We will fight on July 13, nobody punched anybody yet, there are no scorecards filled up. Like the old saying in boxing – this is why we have the fights – to find out who is better." - Andrzej Fonfara
  • "I believe I went out there and gave one hundred percent. One hundred percent wasn't good enough. It wasn't one of those nights where I feel like I'm off. Sometimes you go out there as an athlete and you perform and you're trying hard but there's somethings that aren't there. That's not the situation tonight. I felt good. I was doing what I wanted to do. I saw some tings I wanted to do and i just couldn't get there to do them. So I feel like the end of the road is here. Father time is undefeated. He'll always catch up with you no matter what your efforts are or what your mindsets might be. I really cant's see no reason to move forward, because if I can't win a fight like this, then I'm not going to achieve my ultimate goal which is being a world champion. So, if I can't be a world champion, then what's the use. You guys are great. I was watching last week when I got the ultimate compliment by Eddie (Teddy). Eddie, thank you so much you don't know how much you meant to me throughout my career. You make me feel good. There's a lot of things people can say about you in the ring, but when people talk about the man you are outside the ring, it means everything to me. I don't care about the fighting part of it, but being a man and a person in society means everything to me. You recognized that and you don't know how much you cut my heart. I appreciate that. Thank you so much. To the boxing fans, thank you so much for all you have given to me, all the support throughout the years and ups and downs. I gave you a hundred percent of what I got. I hope it was good enough for you to enjoy." - Glenn Johnson in the post-fight interview with Teddy Atlas and Joe Tessitore.


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