Joe Louis vs. Jack Kracken

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1934-07-04 : Joe Louis 181 lbs beat Jack Kracken 175 lbs by KO in round 1 of 6

  • Location: Bacon's Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Referee: Davy Miller


  • This was Louis' first professional fight and Kracken's last.
  • Louis biographer Randy Roberts described Kraken as "a good club fighter who was not overly impressed with Louis' amateur record."
  • As trainer Jack Blackburn instructed, Louis went to the body. When Kracken lowered his guard, Louis ended the fight with a clean left to the chin.
  • Louis' purse was $59. His managers told him to keep it all. They would take their 50 percent (minus expenses) when the purses became higher.