Joe Louis vs. Al McCoy

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1940-12-16 : Joe Louis 202¼ lbs beat Al McCoy 180¾ lbs by RTD in round 5 of 15

  • Location: Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Referee: Johnny Martin


  • There was a crowd of 13,334.
  • The gross gate was $46,980, and the net was $44,845.
  • Louis's purse was $19,059.12, and McCoy's was $5,605.62.
  • Louis was a 2-1 betting favorite to score a knockout.
  • The Associated Press reported:
McCoy was game and did all he could, but he just was shy on "zing" in his fists. He reddened Joe's nose with straight left hands several times, and in the fourth and fifth pitched desperate right hand shots that whistled around Louis' ears. A couple landed, and one—in the fifth—nailed Joe so hard on the chin that he blinked like a fellow just waking up from a nap. Otherwise, Louis was the whole show. He stalked the backing, circling McCoy throughout and banged away. He drove three club-like rights to the ribs in the first that put McCoy down on one knee, but Al was up without a count. In the third, he drew blood from Al's nose and started working on the left eye. He raised a small "mouse" under the eye in that round, puffed it some more with right hands in the fourth, and had it closed in the fifth so tightly it resembled the penny slot in a chewing gum machine. Al was tired and bruised as he returned to his corner at the end of the fifth. He sat down on his chair as his handlers tried to work him into shape to continue. It was no go, however, and he patted his eye and rubbed his "tummy" as his seconds informed Referee Johnny Martin that McCoy was all through. [1]