Joe Louis vs. Cesar Brion

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Brion throws a right at Louis

1951-08-01 : Joe Louis 207½ lbs beat Cesar Silverio Brion 197 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

  • Location: Cow Palace, Daly City, California, USA
  • Referee: Fred Apostoli 56-44
  • 55-45 55-45

The Associated Press reported: "A crowd of approximately 12,000 paid $66,525 to see Louis batter the game South American all over the ring in the closing rounds. Brion stood up under punishment that would have flattened many a fighter. He was groggy from the seventh through the tenth. His face was puffed and blood flowed from cuts on the side of each eye. It was Louis’ second 10-round win over Brion. This one was far more decisive than their melee in Chicago last November." [1]