Rex Layne vs. Rocky Marciano

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Layne goes down for the count

1951-07-12 : Rocky Marciano 185½ lbs beat Rex Layne 193 lbs by KO at 0:35 in round 6 of 10

  • Location: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
  • Referee: Mark Conn


  • The fight was shown in 11 theaters in eight cities.
  • Layne was an 11 to 5 betting favorite.
  • A crowd of 12,565 paid $73,190.
  • Marciano hit Layne on the chin with an overhand right early in the sixth round. After a delayed reaction, Layne fell to the canvas face forward in a hunched position. Once he hit the canvas, he rolled over to his left side and was counted out.
  • Marciano bloodied Layne's nose and mouth, opened a cut above his left eye, knocked out two teeth and smashed his bridgework.
  • Referee Mark Conn and Judge Jack O'Sullivan had Marciano ahead 5-0, while Judge Arthur Susskind had him in front 3-2.

Newspaper Articles

  • [1] AP, July 12, 1951 - "Rex Layne Favored To Beat Rocky Marciano Tonight"
  • [2] AP, July 13, 1951 - "Marciano Kayoes Layne in 6th"
  • [3] UP, July 13, 1951 - "Marciano Kayoes Layne, Seeks Louis or Charles"