Willie Pep vs. Chalky Wright (4th meeting)

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1946-11-27 : Willie Pep 130 lbs beat Chalky Wright 132¾ lbs by KO at 1:05 in round 3 of 10

Pep Kayoes Wright in Third; Chalky Announces Retirement
By R.G. Lynch, The Milwaukee Journal, November 27, 1946

The pitcher went to the well once too often. Chalky Wright, 36, veteran of 120 recorded ring battles, was knocked out by Willie Pep, featherweight champion of the world, at the Auditorium Wednesday night after 1 minute and 5 seconds of the third round. Wright, who formerly held the title, announced his retirement a few minutes later in the dressing.

Pep was magnificent; Wright was futile. The champion's speed of foot enabled him to move in and out at will. His jab flicked out like a snake's tongue, setting up Chalky for hooks and an occasional right hand. From the outset, it was apparent that Willie was after a knockout. Wright knew it and tried to land a pay-off punch himself.

The champion rode in on a succession of fast jabs in the first round and shot a hard right for the chin, which missed. Wright let go a hook so hard that when it missed he spun clear around. Pep beat a tattoo with his jab and then got in close. Pep held on tight and let the referee separate them.

Wright missed another hard hook in the second and then landed a punch which reddened Willie's cheek. The champion shot a left to the chin with just a little hook on it and Wright went down. He got up right away and walked in. Pep smothered him with jabs, backed him into the ropes and let go with both hands, trying to end it, but the bell rang.

Wright missed a hard hook as the third round began, then let go another which left him open for a one-two punch smack on the bottom. He pitched on his face and was counted out.

The show, a benefit affair put on by Gilead lodge, B'nai B'rith, drew 3,700 spectators and $16,872.66, after taxes. From start to finish, the card was full of action. Every bout was good, and the bill as a whole was probably the best Milwaukee has had in years. [1]

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