Barney Ross vs. Jimmy McLarnin (2nd meeting)

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1934-09-17 : Barney Ross 140¼ lbs lost to Jimmy McLarnin 146¼ lbs by SD in round 15 of 15

World Welterweight Title (Ross's lightweight title was not at stake)

"Jimmy McLarnin climbed back on his welterweight throne tonight, battering back the savage gameness of little Barney Ross, his one-time conqueror, in 15 fierce, controversial rounds. He came back as he left the throne room three months ago - by a split decision of two judges and a referee - but amid a storm of boos of protest. It seemed to a majority of the experts around the ringside that little Barney Ross at least earned a draw in the dazzling duel that shifted first in one direction and then in the other, then back and forth again through the entire 15 blistering rounds. There were no knockdowns, although McLarnin, his left eye completely closed, his nose trickling blood, his lips split, slipped twice in the 15th from sheer weariness. Ross, taking more of the Irishman's right hand smashes than any other warrior ever did and survived, was equally battered." -Associated Press

  • Rain caused 4 postponements of the bout over the previous 11 days in the open-air stadium.
  • Attendance - 25,000 (app.)
  • Gate - $150,000 (app.)

Unofficial scorecards

  • AP - 7-6-2 Ross
  • UP - 10-4-1 Ross