Danny Lopez vs. Salvador Sanchez (1st meeting)

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1980-02-02 : Salvador Sanchez 125¼ lbs beat Danny Lopez 125¾ lbs by TKO at 0:51 in round 13 of 15

  • Fought in a 16 foot ring.
  • Danny Lopez cut over right eye in round three, with Sanchez developing a nose bleed in the same round.
  • Early in the fourth Lopez begins to develop swelling under his left eye. By the end of the round the eye is almost completely closed.
  • Amidst furious exchanges that see him routinely absorbing flush Sanchez power punches, the nose of Danny Lopez begins to bleed halfway through round four. He also develops a cut on the nose.
  • Lopez cut over the left eye in round 5.
  • With 15 seconds to go in the sixth round, referee stops the action and and calls for a doctor to inspect the multiple badly bleeding cuts sustained by Danny Lopez.
  • Salvador Sanchez cut over the left eye in round 7.
  • Another doctor inspection called in round 7, with the doctor verifying that Lopez can fight on.
  • No knockdowns.

Bout Summary

Action packed fight as in most cases with Danny "Little Red" Lopez. The headlines for this fight were: Little Red vs. Little Known. Before the fight, many ringside observers said "Salvador 'who'?" They would for sure know "who" Salvador was afterwards. Many 'experts' said Lopez would KO Sanchez by the fourth round, saying that Sanchez's big jaw would be an easy target to find for Lopez. Sanchez puts on a devestating show of power, and gives Lopez one of the most terrible beatings he's ever had. Lopez is staggered many times throughout the fight, especially in the first round. Angelo Dundee repeatedly acknowledges Salvador's punching power. By the time the middle rounds come around, Sanchez is willing to stand toe-to-toe with Lopez and he was getting the better of the exchanges without a problem. In the later rounds, Salvador shows that he has a ton of energy left as he repeatedly goes in for the finish. Danny shows great tenacity, but he is still repeatedly getting staggered. By the thirteenth round, Lopez's face is a mess. He is bleeding from somewhere in the face, or possibly many places, it's hard to know for sure, and the left side of his face is completely bruised along with his left eye almost sealed shut. Salvador lands a hard right hand-left hook combo that staggers Lopez and Sanchez goes after him, following him with short one-twos. The referee moves in to stop it while Sanchez pounds Lopez into the ropes and lands vicious uppercuts and hard right hands. Sanchez jumps for joy, and Lopez shows great sportsmanship in congratulating the new champion.