Tiger Flowers vs. Mickey Walker

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1926-12-03 : Mickey Walker 154½ lbs beat Tiger Flowers 159 lbs by PTS in round 10 of 10

  • Location: Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Referee: Benny Yanger
  • World Middleweight Title
  • Referee: Benny Yanger
  • Attendance: 11,000
  • Gate revenue: $80,000 to $90,000

This bout resulted in a controversial decision greeted first by boos, then by cheers. Most fight critics believed Flowers had the best of this 10-round "bloody argument," although Walker came on strong in the closing stanzas, staggering Flowers twice, and once putting him on his back in the ninth, but Flowers made an acrobatic recovery to an upright position. Flowers opened a cut over Walker's left eye in the fourth stanza, hampering Walker for the remainder of the bout. Referee Yanger rendered the verdict.

The State Commission immediately investigated Yanger's decision, which he tried to justify by saying Walker did all the punching. On Dec. 8 the Commission upheld the verdict. It soon joined New York and Pennsylvania in providing for decisions by two judges -- with the referee's help if the judges disagreed.

Flowers received half of the gate receipts, minus 10% to the state commission, while Walker got 10%.