Muhammad Ali vs. Alonzo Johnson

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1961-07-22 : Muhammad Ali 192½ lbs beat Alonzo Johnson 189 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

  • Unofficial AP scorecard: 47-43 Clay
  • Unofficial UPI scorecard: 48-46 Clay

Cassius Clay Easy Victor
Associated Press | July 23, 1961

Cassius Clay, a newcomer to the professional ranks, scored a unanimous 10-round decision Saturday night over veteran Alonzo Johnson in a nationally televised fight.

Clay, indifferent through the early rounds, finally went to work in the ninth and tenth and had his opponent hanging on at the end of the fight in Freedom Hall before approximately 6,000 fans.

The victory ran Clay's record to 8-0 and left Johnson with a 19-8 mark.

Clay, the former Olympic light heavyweight champion, came in at 192½ pounds while Johnson weighed 189.