Muhammad Ali vs.Charlie Powell

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Muhammad Ali vs. Charlie Powell .jpg

1963-01-24 : Muhammad Ali 205 lbs beat Charlie Powell 214 lbs by KO at 2:04 in round 3 of 10

  • Location: Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Referee: Ernie Sesto


  • Clay was a 4 to 1 favorite.
  • There was a crowd of 11,238. It was a record for an indoor fight in Pittsburgh.
  • The gross gate was $55,782, and the net was $47,360. 10% of the net went to a fund for the families of 37 men who were killed in a mine explosion the previous month.
  • Clay fulfilled his prediction of a third-round knockout. It was the 13th time in 14 knockouts that Clay correctly picked the KO round.
  • Powell was a former defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers.

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