Danny Lopez vs. Jose Caba

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1979-09-25 : Danny Lopez 125½ lbs beat Jose Caba 126 lbs by TKO at 1:41 in round 3 of 15

"Before a hometown crowd of about 4,500 Tuesday night at the Sports Arena, Danny Lopez cornered Jose Caba, punched him through the ropes twice and nearly punched him over them to score a 3rd round knockout. But Lopez suffered a pounding mixture of overhand rights and left hooks before going after Caba in the 3rd. Caba, of the Dominican Republic was forced to the ropes and Lopez lashed out with a right that sent Caba through the ropes and onto the ring apron. Caba got up and Lopez did a repeat performance. Then Lopez threw a combination that had Caba bent backward over the ropes, dangerously close to tipping over. Referee Marty Denkin stopped the fight at 1:41 of the 3rd." -United Press International

  • Purses - Lopez $200,000, Caba - $15,000

Post fight comment

  • "It's a typical Danny Lopez fight. He comes to fight. He don't mess around, feeling the other guy out. Sure, he gets hit a lot. But these guys have got to throw their bombs early, if they're going to throw any at all. Usually they aren't around after the 3rd round." -Bennie Georgino, Lopez' manager
  • "The guy could punch. He was really throwing leather early. He never staggered me, but he did hit me with a right hand that kind of had me off balance." -Danny Lopez