Battling Nelson vs. Owen Moran

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1910-11-26 : Battling Nelson lost to Owen Moran by KO in round 11 of 20

  • Location: Blot's Arena, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Referee: Benny Selig
  • Preview: [1]; Result: [2]
  • This was the first elimination bout for the Lightweight Title.
  • Receipts: $13,101. Nelson's purse: 40% $5,240.10; Moran's purse: 30% $3,930.30

"For the first time in his career, Battling Nelson, the "durable Dane", a shell of the once great pugilist, was knocked out today beyond all dispute by Owen Moran, the sturdy lad from Birmingham, England, in the presence of one of the largest crowds of spectators ever assembled at a glove contest in this city. Moran knocked Nelson out in the 11th round of a scheduled 20 round event, his victory being clean and leaving no room for argument as to his mastery over the one time champion. Moran throughout from the first tap of the gong, proved himself complete master of the situation and there was not one round of the eleven fought that could be accredited to Nelson. The 11th and final round opened with neither fighter in distress. Moran, who apprently had been biding his time, flung his right forward, catching Nelson flush on the jaw and down he went to his haunches for the count of nine. Nelson tottered to his feet. Again the Briton's powerful right dropped Nelson to the mat. The performance was thrice repeated, Moran each time reaching Nelson's unprotected jaw with his right and with the last the referee and timekeeper counted the fateful ten." -Associated Press

Post fight comments

  • "I always knew I could turn the trick and you bet I feel proud to have been the first man to put Nelson out. Now I want Wolgast. The sooner the match can be made, the better." -Owen Moran
  • "It lacked but three seconds for the round to end and I believe that I would have been as fresh as ever in the next round. However, Moran deserves all the credit. He is a great little fighter and will be able to hold his own with any of them." -Battling Nelson