Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jake LaMotta (5th meeting)

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1945-09-26 : Jake LaMotta 159 lbs lost to Sugar Ray Robinson 150 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

  • Promoter: Jack Kearns
  • Attendance: 14,755
  • Gross Gate: $96,760
  • Net Gate: $74,431
  • Robinson's Purse: $25,000 with 32½ percent of the net
  • LaMotta's Purse: $20,468 with 27½ percent of the net


  • The International News Service reported: "LaMotta had counted on the 12-round route as his chance for victory, as he had closed strongly in his four previous bouts with Robinson. But the Negro welterweight proved he could go more than 10 rounds at top speed. Robinson piled up an early lead with his superior boxing and sharper punching, and then paced himself cleverly through the rest of the fight."
  • The Associated Press reported: "The crowd of 14,755 booed the decision, presumably because Robinson elected to fight cautiously in the last three rounds and back-pedalled most of the way In the closing sessions."
  • After the fight, Sugar Ray Robinson said, "This was the toughest fight I've ever had with LaMotta."

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