Carl Froch vs. Michael Pinnock

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2002-03-16 : Carl Froch 170¼ lbs beat Michael Pinnock 181 lbs by TKO at 2:03 in round 4 of 6

  • Location: York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, United Kingdom
  • Referee: Mark Green
  • Aired On: BBC Sport

By record, Carl Froch was making his professional debut. By display, he looked much more seasoned.

The rookie Froch displayed a full repertoire of punches, floored veteran Michal Pinnock in the third, and cruised to a fourth-round stoppage win in London, England.

A quick right hand caught Pinnock just 17 seconds into Round 3 and put him on his backside for an eight-count. Froch closed the round continuing to land right hands and thudding shots to the body.

In the fourth, Pinnock was decidedly more willing to exchange. The two men traded early until a series of punches sent Pinnock, nose bloodied, reeling into the ropes. A right uppercut was enough for the referee, who stepped in and waved and end to the bout at two minutes and three seconds of round four.


  • Carl Froch (debut) vs. Michael Pinnock 4-52-8 (2 KOs)
  • Froch entered the fight with some bruising under his left eye from sparring and by the end of Round 2 had a small nick on his nose.
  • It was the fifth knockout loss of Pinnock's professional career.


  • "It's a little bit different. The three-minute rounds you can really feel in there, but the training has been around to suit that. I was OK really, just a little bit apprehensive because it was my debut. I was just putting a few shots together, getting off from different angles. I was looking for the big uppercut, because I knew once the uppercut landed it was too powerful for him to take. The ref stopped the fight at the right time. The next 12 months I'm just going to be looking to pick up plenty of experience as a professional. Just take it steady and work my way up through the rankings." - Carl Froch in the post-fight interview.