Koichi Wajima vs. Oscar Albarado (1st meeting)

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1974-06-04 : Oscar Albarado 151¾ lbs beat Koichi Wajima 153¾ lbs by KO at 1:57 in round 15 of 15


In a sensational slugfest with plenty of back and forth action, Koichi Wajima was knocked down three times in the final round for a monsterous climax in front of 10,000 Japanese fans. After losing the first 3 rounds with his counterpunch tactics, Wajima took the fight to his challenger and stood toe to toe. Albarado was used to this style of fighting, and both turned it into a wicked slugfest. Rounds 7 through 10 saw Albarado and Wajima stand toe-to-toe and trade bombs, but Albarado's left hook to the body sapped the energy out of his challenger, and Wajima began to fade. In round 11, a point was taken from Albarado for landing numerous punches on the belt line or below the belt line by referee Yusaku Yoshida. Wajima "rallied" in the fourteenth pinning Albarado to the ropes and firing away with a non-stop barrage in a final, desperate attempt to retain the title. But Wajima exhausted himself in that attempt, and was dropped three times in the final round to end the stirring brawl.