Jose Luis Castillo vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (1st meeting)

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Jabs Castillo Mayweather
Landed 30 91
Thrown 129 297
Percent 23% 31%
Power Punches Castillo Mayweather
Landed 173 66
Thrown 377 151
Percent 46% 44%
Total Punches Castillo Mayweather
Landed 203 157
Thrown 506 448
Percent 40% 35%

2002-04-20 : Floyd Mayweather Jr 134 lbs beat Jose Luis Castillo 134½ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


Mayweather throws a jab at Castillo
  • Mayweather was moving up from the 130-pound division, where he held the WBC title.
  • Mayweather was a 4-1 favorite.
  • Mayweather made $2.2 million, and Castillo got $1.1 million.
  • There was a crowd of 6,920 at the MGM Grand.
  • Mayweather was able to keep the fight on the outside and outbox Castillo in the early rounds. All three judges gave Mayweather the first four rounds. Mayweather complained about his left shoulder to his corner between rounds. He later said he injured it in his last day of training. Castillo finally caught up to Mayweather in the sixth and seventh rounds, winning both rounds on all three scorecards. Castillo was able to get closer and land shots to the body and head.
  • Referee Vic Drakulich took a point away from Castillo for hitting on the break in the eighth round. In the tenth round, Drakulich deducted a point from Mayweather for using his elbows.
  • The crowd booed the decision.
  • HBO's unofficial scorer Harold Lederman had Castillo winning 115-111, the Associated Press had Mayweather winning 115-111 and Dan Rafael of USA Today had the fight 114-114. [1]

Post Fight Comments

  • "I was winning rounds. I wasn't worried at all. I was out-boxing him easy. The first time a guy lands a few shots on me, and they say it was a close fight. That's because usually I blow them out of the water." - Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  • "In my heart, I thought I won. Unfortunately, the judges didn't agree. Running away, like Mayweather did, is not the way to win a world title." - Jose Luis Castillo
  • "I disagree with the way the scoring went. It's not that I feel Mayweather didn't win, but not by this margin. This is ludicrous." - Promoter Bob Arum [2]

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