Jon Thaxton vs. Emanuel Augustus

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1998-09-26 : Emanuel Augustus 138 lbs beat Jon Thaxton 138¾ lbs by TKO at 2:14 in round 7 of 12

  • Ring Announcer: Mike Goodall
  • Aired On: SKY Sports
  • IBF Intercontinental Light Welterweight Title (1st defense by Thaxton)
  • WBO Intercontinental Light Welterweight Title (2nd defense by Thaxton)


  • Jon Thaxton 16-3 (8 KOs) vs. Emanuel Augustus (Burton) 17-12-4 (7 KOs)
  • The broadcast reported Augustus's record as 16-12-3 (6 KOs)
  • It was Augustus's third bout in the month and ninth of 1998.
  • Thaxton, who had not fought in 10 months, entered as the #1 contender for the WBO Light Welterweight Title, which was held by Carlos Gonzalez.
  • Thaxton was easily up on the cards at the time of the stoppage.

Bout Summary

Thaxton charged out at the starting bell looking to land wide right hands. Augustus went down from a push at :30 of the first. The two threw power shots for much of the round with little attention paid to defense. Augustus dropped his hands in the final minute and encouraged Thaxton to "bring it on" to which Thaxton threw and landed a few decent shots. Augustus walked through some big punches to keep the pressure on Thaxton in Round 2. Thaxton, who often switched to an orthodox stance, was warned in Round 2 for spinning around his opponent while throwing. Thaxton continued to land power shots, including a nice left hand, early in Round 3 as Augustus seemed mostly content in clowning and showing that he couldn't be hurt. Thaxton received a warning in the opening minute for again pushing Augustus to the mat. A pair of right hands caught Thaxton as the two exchanged and backed him up in the final minute. Augustus was warned for a low blow and loudly booed for a punch that landed just after the bell. Thaxton likely earned Round 4, moving around more with a jab, and evading most of Augustus's power shots. Thaxton landed a pair of nice straight left hands in the early seconds of Round 5 and added a couple more clean punches to likely take Round 5. Augustus continued to smile and clown in Round 6 while being outworked by Thaxton. To his credit, Augustus had his moments in the round and withstood some clean punches. Augustus fought Round 7 with more focus and caught Thaxton throughout. Thatxton was hurt at the midway point and stuck with repeated power shots from Augustus but maintained his feet. After a few more power shots from Augustus the referee stepped in at 2:14 and waved an end to the bout.