Hector Camacho vs. Vinny Pazienza

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1990-02-03 : Vinny Pazienza 138 lbs lost to Hector Camacho 140 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

  • Unofficial AP scorecard: 117-111
  • Unofficial New York Daily News scorecard: 118-109
  • WBO Junior Welterweight Title (first defense by Camacho)


  • The fight was billed as "Put Up or Shut Up."
  • Camacho landed 133 of 442 (30%), and Pazienza connected on 118 of 451 (26%).
  • The Associated Press reported: "At one point in the twelfth round, the blood-covered Pazienza threw a wild flurry of punches, backed away from Camacho, pounded his own face with his gloves and screamed like Tarzan. But Camacho was content to pick off most of Pazienza's blows, then land quick counters, right jabs from his left-handed stance and straight lefts. He bloodied Pazienza's right eye in the third, although the challenger claimed it was a butt. Camacho also opened a blood-spurting gash around Pazienza's left eye in the ninth."
  • The New York Times reported: "When Pazienza resorted to the rough stuff, Camacho coolly awaited the intervention of Referee Tony Perez, who repeatedly warned the challenger for his tactics and eventually penalized him a point for butting."