Vito Antuofermo vs. Alan Minter (1st meeting)

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Vito Antuofermo vs. Alan Minter . 444.Fasan.jpg

1980-03-16 : Alan Minter 159¾ lbs beat Vito Antuofermo 158¼ lbs by SD in round 15 of 15

"The fight was a contrast in styles, with Minter, a classic standup boxer, using right jabs to keep Antuofermo at bay. But he couldn't do so all the time and the Italian-born mauler lowered his head and rushed in, frequently driving Minter to the ropes. The two fighters, both known as heavy bleeders, suffered cuts over their eyes but the bout was remarkably free of blood. Antuofermo, 158 1/4, put the left-handed Minter down in the 14th round with a right to the body, but Minter, 159 3/4, scrambled quickly to his feet. Minter was given an eight count although he claimed he had been pushed. Minter, aided by a lopsided score by a British judge, took the title from Antuofermo by a split decision in a 15 round nationally televised fight from Caesars Palace. The British judge, Roland Dakin, scored the fight 149-137 for Minter. Judge Charles Minker of Las Vegas scored it 144-141 for Minter, while judge Ladislao Sanchez of Venezuela scored it 145-143 for Antuofermo. The AP also had it 145-143 for Antuofermo. The decision was at odds with the scoring of many ringsiders. An informal poll of 17 writers covering the fight showed 10 scoring for Antuofermo, 5 for Minter and 2 scoring it a draw." -Associated Press

Post fight comments

  • "When they said 'split decision,' and then 'Minter,' it was unbelievable. If they had said 'Antuofermo,' I might have had a heart attack." -Alan Minter
  • "I thought for sure I won. This fight, they gave it to him. I wasn't wrong, your judge was wrong. They should suspend both these judges." -Vito Antuofermo
  • "He was blind. He was a prejudicial judge. You can quote me on that too." -Roy Tennison, Executive Secretary of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, on Roland Dakin's scorecard.

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