Joe Brown vs. Wallace (Bud) Smith (3rd meeting)

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1957-02-13 : Joe Brown 134 lbs beat Wallace Bud Smith 134 lbs by TKO in round 11 of 15

"Lightweight champion Joe Brown registered his eighth straight win Wednesday night when Dr. Alexander Robbins examined ex-champ Wallace (Bud) Smith in his corner after the end of the 10th round and waved his hands to signify that the bout be stopped. Smith was bleeding from a cut inside his mouth, and he claimed he had been unable to see properly from his left eye after a blow in the 4th round. Brown did a fast-stepping weave from side to side, avoiding Bud's attempted rushes, and sharp-shooting at him with long left jabs and straight rights. Smith's legs appeared to be gone. At 27, he no longer was able to step in with his old crushers against a fast-moving opponent." -United Press

Post fight comments

  • "That's peanuts to what I'll make - now that Smith is out of the way and my right hand is in good shape." -Joe Brown, regarding the $15,924 he made for this fight (the largest of his career to date).
  • "Since Brown wants to make money in a quick fight, his logical opponent is Kenny Lane - a good puncher who can really test the champion's chin." -Truman Gibson, executive secretary of the IBC.