Mando Ramos vs. Ismael Laguna

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1970-03-03 : Ismael Laguna 135 lbs beat Mando Ramos 134½ lbs by TKO in round 9 of 15

"Elusive Ismael Laguna of Panama won the world lightweight championship Tuesday night when titleholder Mando Ramos could not continue after nine rounds because of eye cuts. The Panamanian's jabbing tactics opened cuts over both eyes of the champion and he bled so profusely his manager Jackie McCoy asked referee Lee Grossman to halt the fight. After an even first round Laguna opened the first cut in the corner of the champion's left eye. Ramos' handlers managed to stem the flow for several rounds and Ramos had an edge through the first five rounds. In the ninth round Laguna's jabs caught Ramos' right eye which also began bleeding and the Panamanian easily piled up points as Ramos had difficulty seeing. It was then McCoy decided to halt the fight." -United Press International

Unofficial scorecards through 9 rounds

  • UPI - 4-2 Laguna
  • Long Beach Press-Telegram - 5-3 Laguna
  • L.A. Times - 4-4 Even
  • Pasadena Star-News - 8-2 Laguna

  • Attendance - 15,577
  • Gate - $150,081.50
  • Purse - $100,000 Ramos
  • Purse - $10,000 Laguna

Post fight comments

  • "He couldn't see very well out of the left eye and when he got cut over the right eye, I decided it would be best to get him out of there. He's just a 21 year old and I figured we'll get him next time." -Jackie McCoy, Ramos' manager
  • "You know, they (Ramos and McCoy) had a contract to fight us in Panama and they ran out on it. We're thinking more about Pedro Carrasco of Spain." -Cain Young, Laguna's manager, on a proposed rematch
  • "It would seem to me that Ramos is the logical guy." -Don Chargin, Olympic Boxing Club matchmaker, exercising the Olympic's option on Laguna's first title defense