Bernard Hopkins vs. William Joppy

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2003-12-13 : Bernard Hopkins 160 lbs beat William Joppy 159 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


  • Joppy held the WBA middleweight "regular" title and Hopkins held the WBA middleweight "super" title.
  • Joppy was Hopkins' WBA mandated opponent.
  • Hopkins broke the CompuBox record for total power punches landed by a middleweight at 375. He landed 419 of 819 total punches.
  • Hopkins defended The Ring Magazine world middleweight title.
  • After Joppy lost, the WBA declared the middleweight "regular" title vacant.
  • Hopkins bet Joppy $50,000 that he would knock him out. Joppy only had to put up $25,000 and took the bet. After the fight, Hopkins said, "He earned that $50,000."

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