John Conteh vs. Jorge Ahumada

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John Conteh vs. Jorge Ahumada .Fasan.jpg

1974-10-01 : John Conteh 174¼ lbs beat Jorge Victor Ahumada 174 lbs by PTS in round 15 of 15

  • Location: Empire Pool, Wembley, London, United Kingdom
  • Referee: Harry Gibbs 147-142

"John Conteh of Britain took control in the late rounds, pounded Jorge Ahumada's left eye shut and outpointed the Argentine over 15 rounds Tuesday night to win the WBC's light heavyweight championship. The British crowd went wild in the closing rounds of the fight, marked by two-fisted exchanges, as Conteh finished strong. It was a savage battle from the opening bell, with Conteh and Ahumada pounding each other with a variety of blows. In the 8th round, Ahumada hurt Conteh with a vicious right to the chin, and by the 10th a swelling under the Briton's right eye was worsening and the partisan crowd was growing apprehensive. After 10 rounds Conteh looked tired and in real danger of losing to the Argentine. But in the 11th, Conteh started to turn the fight around. The 12th was marked by more toe-to-toe slugging, but Conteh gained an edge with a solid left-right combination to the head. Ahumada's eye continued to swell in the 12th and finally it closed in the 13th. In the last two rounds Ahumada's punches seemed to lose power and the crowd began to sense that Conteh only had to remain on his feet to win." -Associated Press

Referee Harry Gibb, the sole official, scored it 147-142 for Conteh.