George Chuvalo vs. Yvon Durelle

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1959-11-17 : George Chuvalo 210 lbs beat Yvon Durelle 186¼ lbs by KO at 1:01 in round 12 of 12

  • Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Referee: Jackie Silvers
  • Canadian Heavyweight Title (1st defense of Chuvalo)
  • Time: 1:01
  • Weights: Chuvalo 210 lbs, Durelle 186.2 lbs

Fight Summary

"Yvon Durelle absorbed a 12th round knockout from George Chuvalo, Canadian heavyweight champion from Toronto last night. The Canadian and British Empire lightheavyweight champion from Baie Saint Anne, New Brunswick, needed repairs to his right eyelid. Six stitches were necessary to close the wound. His manager, Chris Shaban, supported Durelle's announced departure from ring wars." -Associated Press

  • Durelle was down once in the 1st and 9th, twice in the 10th, and again for the count in the 12th.
  • Post fight comment: "I'm all finished. I'm an old man. My legs are gone. Completely finished and I won't be coming back nowhere." -Yvon Durelle, announcing his retirement
  • Durelle's announced retirement canceled his December 6, 1959 scheduled bout with Bobo Olson in the San Francisco Cow Palace. However, Durelle came back for several more fights six months later.

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