Patrice L'Heureux vs. Steve McKay

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2004-11-13 : Patrice L'Heureux 265 lbs beat Steve MacKay 230¼ lbs by TKO at 0:27 in round 9 of 10

  • Vacant Canadian Heavyweight Title
  • Time: 0:27
  • Weights: L'Heureux 265 lbs, McKay 230.25 lbs


  • L'Heureux suffered a cut to the nose after an accidental clash of heads in the first round.
  • McKay was knocked down at the end of the 8th round from a body shot. Still in obvious pain, he made his way back for the 9th but had nothing left as a left-right hook to the body sent him down to the canvas.
  • Canadian Title had been vacant since Donovan Ruddock vacated it in 2001.

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Canadian Heavyweight Title Fight
# 57
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